Bold ideas for Action Released today....

At 10am, April 25th, at Kamloops' Spirit Square, we released ten bold ideas for action....

Arjun Singh for Mayor Bold Ideas for Action



  • Part of Mayors Role is to lead, to propose initiatives to Council and to the Council ultimate decisionmakers.

  • The Mayor should seek to bring the community together around a strong set of ideas, not to divide them.

  • These ideas for action are based on experience, advocacy for innovative solutions, and strong relationships here in Kamloops, across BC, and on across Canada.
  • It is important to be bold and innovative AND also thoughtful and evidence based.

  • I love ideas and I have helped see many ideas through to action

  • I strongly believe in these ideas for actions and am thrilled to put them forward to Kamloops citizens so they can discuss them, make them even better, and provide feedback to me.

  • This not final These ideas might shift somewhat based on community conversation. Platform will also offer an expanded set of proposals and commitments.

  • Final platform release is scheduled for late August / early

  • Also launching 100+ conversations initiative for the campaign Based on great positive impact of these conversations in past election campaigns.



Bold Ideas for Action May 2022


1.     Establish 24/7 Crisis Outreach Teams

Council has heard clearly from the RCMP that they are often called to incidents that they are not well suited to address. 24/7 crisis outreach teams would better support street involved people and reduce negative impacts on residences and businesses.


2.     Create a Team Kamloops Approach to Advocate on Community Safety

Gather local representatives of all orders of government and other key regional leaders to meet regularly and work together on advocacy to the provincial and federal governments. A similar approach in the Cowichan Valley resulted in approximately 100 citizens housed within about 3 months.


3.     Offer Mayor’s Open Office Hours

Your Mayor should be very accessible to you. Have a concern? Have an idea? Book a time for a chat with your Mayor. Once a month, I will reserve a whole day for open ended conversations with citizens.


4.     Host a Festival of Healthy and Low Carbon Transportation

Kamloops citizens are increasingly concerned about climate change. Car sharing, transit, ebiking, biking and walking are much more pleasant and practical than many think. This three month festival would showcase healthy and low carbon transportation options to allow citizens to experiment with options and figure out what they can do. This initiative will also identify how to make active transportation safer.


5.     Decrease the Need for Public Subsidy for the Arts Centre

The proposed Arts Centre is an important cultural and business necessity for Kamloops. The current business case notes that a public subsidy for the arts centre ranging from about 700 000 in year one to 380 000 in year five. The city should help design a facility that would attract enough revenue to reduce the subsidy as much as possible.


6.     Review Discretionary Expenses within City Operations

Within the next term of council, council should engage the community and our city staff colleagues in a detailed review of discretionary city expenses to see if these expenses should be continued, discontinued, or shifted to other initiatives and programs.


7.     Fund and Host a Citizens Assembly on Housing Supply and Affordability 2023

All of us have a deep interest in finding and keeping good housing. This situation seems tailor made for a citizens assembly, one of the most robust ways to involve and empower citizens in addressing housing supply and affordability. The city should fund and host the citizens assembly and council should implement the assembly’s recommendations.

8.     Involve the Mayor’s Office in Actively Recruiting Health Professionals

The Mayor should be active in helping recruiting these professionals through hosting community tours, engaging with students in the health professions, assisting existing recruiting efforts, and by generally helping ensure Kamloops has a great quality of life.


9. Encourage Expansion / Attraction Businesses That Build the Tax Base (e.g. Film Studios )

Businesses that have a larger land base and a smaller impact can really help build the property tax base in any I propose council work with the TNRD board to expand / attract a film studio to Kamloops as well as other awesome businesses.


10.   Build a Youth and Seniors Community Centre

The city should create a business case for the construction and operation of a new community centre focusing on youth and seniors. One model for such a centre is The John Brathwaite Community Centre in North Vancouver.



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