Statement on Climate Action

As I’ve said before, climate action is not negotiable. Work towards reducing our greenhouse gas emissions is critical. We are now experiencing the impacts of climate change with the increasingly extreme weather - heat domes, wildfires, floods, atmospheric rivers, and more. 

Climate action is also a massive opportunity to build a more prosperous, healthy, resilient, and vibrant Kamloops. Whether it be building out a world class active transportation infrastructure with multi use paths, dedicated cycle lanes, and more sidewalks or improving the reliability of our transit system or helping our  incredible building industry create the most energy efficient homes, I know we can do this. 

We’ve already started.

Kamloops council has approved an ambitious climate action plan, has funded it long term, and has enhanced actions to reduce our greenhouse gases in the community. Now, we need to meaningfully measure our progress and to create policies and incentives for citizens to take meaningful climate action.

And we can continue to do this in a way that suits Kamloops. We don’t need to demonize drivers, or unfairly target builders, or go after our foundational natural resource industries. We need to continue our work to help transition quickly and fairly. 

I have worked for climate action since first elected to council in 2005:

  • Successfully proposed that Council participate in a climate action training session in my first council term.
  • Helped found the council sustainability committee
  • Chaired the council Development and Sustainability Committee
  • Successfully proposed to council that we align the Community Climate Action Plan with global goals for climate action (keeping global temperature rise below 1.5 degrees Celsius)
  • Chaired the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) Environment Committee 
  • Chaired the UBCM Special Committee on Climate Action
  • Chair the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Standing Committee on Environment Issues and Sustainable Development
  • Chair, BC Municipal Climate Leadership Council
  • Member of Government of BC Climate Solutions Council

I have had the good fortune to have learnt a lot about successful climate action work in Kamloops and beyond. I will bring my learning into the Mayor’s office.