Part of Mayors Role is to lead, to propose initiatives to Council and to the community. Council, as a whole. are the ultimate decision makers.


Responsible, Accountable Governance

  •  Commit to work in a good way with Indigenous Peoples on our journey of reconciliation.
  •  Offer Mayor’s open office hours at least once  a month. 
  • Work quickly and collaboratively with my council colleagues to fulfill our commitments to the community.
  • Propose a review of discretionary expenses within city operations.

Community Safety for all

  • Convene a Mayor’s Task Force on Community Safety and ask the Task Force for recommendations by end of January 2023. 
  • Advocate the city establish and fund 24/7 Crisis Outreach Teams
  • Work with leaders across our valley for a Team Kamloops approach to advocating to our provincial and federal government partners for needed health and criminal justice reforms
  • Support services for people with mental health challenges and addictions and to help minimize negative impacts on the community
  • Advocate for end  to “Catch and release” for repeat offenders.

 Resilient, Profitable Businesses

  •  Advocate for green, creative and technology based industries, business practices, and jobs
  •  Support the expansion / attraction of a film studio and other businesses that build our tax base. 
  • Support keeping business regulation and permitting as streamlined as possible.

Climate Action

  • Support regular measuring and monitoring of community climate action to ensure greenhouse gas reduction goals are met.
  •  Advocate for the acceleration of buildout of safe and efficient cycle path network.
  •  Propose a longer duration city hosted commuter challenge to support citizens who are exploring shifting to more active, healthy transportation.

Vibrant, Caring, and Connected Community

  • Offer weekly Mayor’s recognition for random and non random acts of kindness and community building. 
  • Advocate for the promotion and enhancement of Kamloops’ outdoor recreation opportunities
  • Support the building of a new arts centre and generating as much revenue as possible.
  • Propose city convening a citizens assembly on housing supply and affordability in 2023.
  • Involve Mayor’s office in actively recruiting health professionals
  • Propose building a new youth and community centre.