Themes from the 100+ conversations in 2022....


In the past 4 civic election campaigns (2011 / 2014/ 2018/ 2022), Arjun has made it a point to talk to a diverse group of at least 100 Kamloops citizens face to face. He asks 4 key questions:


  • What do you love about Kamloops?
  • What could be even better about Kamloops?
  • What do you feel are the characteristics of a great leader (this year, a great Mayor)?
  • Any other top of mind community ideas or issues for you?


Arjun now having now chatted to over 100 citizens, we offer the following analysis of the community wide themes emerging from the first three questions. This is not a scientific study. We feel, however, these conversations offer a good picture of the views of Kamloopsians today. The numbers beside the themes represent the number of times a theme was mentioned.


Top 5 things people really love about Kamloops!



Friendly Community 55
Outdoors 45
Community spirit 45
Size 38
Opportunity 29



Top 5 things people feel could be even better in Kamloops!



Safety & Social supports 70
Governance 36
Infrastructure 20
Health 18
Planning 17



Top 5 Leadership Characteristics Shared!



listens 30
approachable 24
connected 23
takes action 22
confidence 21